At Original Pancake House, have your health and pancakes too

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At Original Pancake House, have your health and pancakes too

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Published Wednesday, November 10, 2010   |  476 Words  |  

Some might wonder if a pancake
house and a gym would make
uneasy neighbors, but in Bluffton's
Bridge Center, they share the same
goal-a healthier you.

The Original Pancake House has
launched a new "Powerhouse Fitness"
menu, and owner Juana Jim
(affectionately known as "J.J.") says
patrons on their way to and from
aerobics classes, tennis matches, the
golf course and even the beach enjoy
the wide variety of heart-healthy,
weight conscious selections.

A well-recognized name across
the nation with a reputation for high
quality and affordable breakfast
meals, the Original Pancake House
owes its success to the dedication of
individual owners.

In the Lowcountry, patrons have
come to expect a variety of good
food and courteous professional service
from J.J. and the rest of the TOPH staff.
"Customers are considered friends and we want
them to feel at home," said JJ.

One way to feel at home is to try a bowl of the
restaurants old fashioned, homemade slow cooked
oatmeal. It's served with fresh milk, ripe bananas
and rich brown sugar.

The coffee at the Original Pancake House is
specially ground, roasted and blended for the
company. Fresh squeezed orange juice is another
healthy reminder of home.

All the Original Pancake House's recipes demand
only the finest ingredients, such as fresh
eggs, unbleached wheat flour, and the company's
secret recipe for sourdough starter. All batters and
sauces are made fresh in the restaurant's kitchen.

The heart-healthy, weight-friendly menu selections
will be especially welcome as people prepare
for the holidays, a season traditionally given over
to overeating. Choices include a turkey bacon
omelet made with three fluffy fresh eggs, low fat
turkey bacon, and Swiss cheese. It's served with
fresh fruit. Also delicious is the Oriental chicken
salad with Asian ginger dressing, with marinated
grilled chicken over fresh Romaine lettuce, with
mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and chopped
tomatoes. Also, bowls of fresh seasonal fruit are
always available ($3.50 small; $5.95 large).
Of course, the regular Original Pancake House
menu items are still available.

The restaurant also serves gluten-free pancakes,
a welcome addition for people who have gluten allergies
or are following a wheat-free diet and may
have missed out on treats such as pancakes for
a long time. The gluten free version can be made
with chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, fabulous
Georgia pecans and other flavors.

With all these options, regular customers and
first-timers alike are sure to enjoy happy, healthy